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Is The Safety Of Your Children Worth An Hour Or So Of Your Time?

If you were to ask me the question, “Can you help me keep my children safe online?”, my answer would be a resounding “YES!”  However I’m not a miracle worker. The task of keeping your children safe online is a challenge by anyone’s standards, and it isn’t something I can teach you within 5 minutes.

Like any complex problem, there is no simple solution to the challenge we’re all facing as parents in this digital age. If there was a simple solution then we wouldn’t have so many children being affected by the risks inherent online (inappropriate content, internet addiction, social media usage, cyber bullying etc). However I’ve done everything possible to present the answers you’re looking for in the simplest possible way, and also in a way that will save you precious TIME.

In the free webinar mentioned above I show you:

  • what’s involved in keeping your children safe online
  • why you need to educate yourself in this regard (your children’s lives, or certainly the quality of their lives, may ultimately depend on it), and
  • how you can get the knowledge you need, and apply that knowledge to guide your children safely online

Your Mission – Should You Choose To Accept It!

Invest about an hour and 20 minutes of your time for the sake of the most precious people in your life. Register for my next live webinar and put the time and date in your calendar so you don’t forget! (The good news is that if you don’t make it live, providing you’ve registered you can watch the replay). When the time comes, grab a cuppa and make yourself comfy. An hour and 20 minutes or so may seem like a long time but put it in perspective: you’d spend longer than this watching a movie for entertainment. This video is about much more than entertainment, it’s about raising your awareness of the issues your children are facing online, and learning how you can help them through one of the biggest challenges they’ll face throughout their tweens and teens.

Who Is This Webinar For?

If you have children aged between 3 and 12 years old, then this video has been designed specifically for you. It’s also for you if:

  • you’re concerned about your children’s safety online
  • your children are tech-savvy – maybe more so than you
  • you’d like your children to be spending less time online
  • you’re uncomfortable with the idea of your children using social media and/or instant messaging apps
  • cyber bullying worries you
  • you are busy and time-poor

Why Now And Not Later?

One of the most common mistakes most parents make is to wait until their children are using social media, or until they have a problem, and then get caught on the back foot trying to fix it. This is completely understandable and normal – as parents we often have challenges to deal with, and the most pressing issues get most of our attention. We’re also generally struggling for time, so while the idea of being proactive is “nice”, for many of us it’s a luxury we just don’t tend to enjoy.

However when it comes to your children’s safety online, PREVENTION is much much better than a CURE. The key is to guide your children safely online FROM THE START. You don’t want to be fixing difficult problems once they are almost out of control, you want to be preventing those problems from happening in the first place.

For this reason, I don’t tend to share my knowledge on this topic with parents whose children are teens and/or in high school. By this point it’s often too late; the ship has sailed and your children are already way ahead of you when it comes to their digital world. It’s when children are 7, 8 and 9 years old that they’re often already seeing inappropriate content like porn online, and could be creating their own videos and posts that may have a detrimental affect on their future for years to come. By the age of 12 many children are already contemplating if not attempting suicide as a result of cyber bullying that they see no way of escaping. And that’s just the start.

Your Next Step In The Right Direction

If this is all making sense to you then the next step for you to take is to register for the next live webinar. If you have a partner then it may be beneficial for the two of you to watch it together. That way you’ll both be on the same page as far as keeping your children safe online, and you’ll be in the best position to support each other and your children moving forwards.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to take action!  Register for the webinar now and I’ll see you soon 🙂