• The perfect resource to learn how to keep your children safe online from cyber bullying, internet addiction and much more
  • Serious topics you need to know about discussed from one mum to another in an entertaining, easy-to-read style you can relate to
  • Gain the sort of education from this book and its resources that might just save your child’s life one day…or at the very least make your home much more peaceful!

5star review: I think this is an excellent book, very thoroughly researched topic and easy to read. Lots of parents out there that are confused with children/internet/social media and not knowing what to do about it are going to love this book and you. If you have a 3 to 12 year old you need to read this book, even if you do not allow your child to spend time online or allow them to have access to the internet … do you know what they are doing when at a friends house or what they are dealing with at school with peer pressure. Ruth Dearing has done a great job presenting this very timely information.

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I think this is an excellent book...

What You Will Learn

This international best-selling book is not just a theoretical document with ideas that may or may not work for you and your children. It contains practical exercises at the end of each chapter that make it easy for you to implement the ideas and strategies contained. It also contains links to more valuable resources that will go even further towards helping you with the daunting task of keeping your children safe online.

The content of the book as well as its accompanying resources are all designed to minimise your pain and alleviate the sense of overwhelm you feel as a non-technical parent with highly tech-savvy children. Your children may be more tech-savvy than you, but they don’t have the life experiences you have. Parental guidance is essential if you want your children to be safer online, and this book will help you provide exactly that.

If technology addiction is a problem in your family you’ll be able to relate particularly well with the chapter on this topic. This is a very common problem of course that is tearing families apart and creating a real disconnect amongst families all over the world. You’ll find yourself physically nodding in agreement as you read Ruth’s story in chapter one. Here is someone who understands what you’re going through and can help you get through it.

Specifically, topics include how to improve communication with your children, how to avoid the most common mistakes parents make (that are innocent but can put your children in danger), potential scenarios your children are likely to find themselves in, helping your children on social media and much more.

Love it. Finally an easy to read book for parents everywhere who know that technology is part of our lives but aren’t sure how to help their children navigate the online world in a safe and confident way. Ruth has obviously researched and road-tested a lot of programs, apps and blogs to come up with such an extensive list of resources for parents.
By telling her own story you can see Ruth is coming from a good place when she decided share what she has learnt about being a parent of young children and guiding them to be responsible and resilient internet users.
Sometimes the technical jargon used in the digital world is off putting but Ruth has a great conversational tone which makes this an easy read with simple to follow strategies and suggestions.
A great book for parents of children up to the age of thirteen.

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A Must Read For Parents Of Young Children

Who Should Read It?

This book is targeted specifically to parents with young children aged between 3 and 12 years, who want peace of mind that they’re children are safe when they’re online. Whilst it can help parents with teens as well, the idea behind it is to create safe and sustainable online habits in your children from the start. Waiting until your children reach high school is dangerous and could well be too late.

If you have any ‘tweens’ then this is definitely a resource that will help you. It’s much easier to avoid something bad happening in the first place than it is to deal with the consequences after the event. Like anything in life, prevention is better than a cure.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy yourself to get benefit out of this book. To the contrary, it’s probably more helpful for parents who are struggling to keep up with their tech-savvy children, but who of course want their children to be safe, happy and have a healthy balance between their online and offline world.

A really good read on Internet safety for kids some great advice Ruth well done

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A Really Good Read

About The Author

Ruth Dearing’s inspiration to write this book came from her own personal experience with her son and internet addiction. This is a topic she learned a lot about first-hand. Ruth prides herself on being a good mum and doing everything possible to give her children the best possible start to life. But when at the age of six her son became completely obsessed with playing online games – which happened in a short space of time – she was at a complete loss as to what to do.

After a lot of pain, anger and frustration that didn’t do much to enhance the relationship Ruth had with her son, eventually it occurred to her that there must be a better way. Over a few months she did a lot of research and figured out that way. Ruth dramatically changed her approach and her perspective, and was able to help her son move on from his addiction to the point where he now plays games in healthy moderation. He gains the benefits that come from his use of technology minus the pitfalls.

Having gone through that painful experience, Ruth soon realised she was in a position to help others going through a similar thing. But for her it’s more than that. Not only could Ruth help others deal with internet addiction, but she could also help them deal with all the other risks that exist online.

So many parents are just like Ruth: they are overwhelmed by technology changing so fast, and they don’t understand all the social media platforms and chat sites their children want to use. They’re being driven crazy by their children wanting to download the latest games they know nothing about, and then wanting to play them on the latest devices that cost a fortune! They’re also very time-poor, and wish most of all they could spend more quality time with their children.

This book, as well as the other courses offered by Ruth, gives you the information you need to know in the shortest amount of time. It’s about raising your level of awareness so that you can be a better parent. The topic of online safety is a minefield, and most parents simply don’t have the time to search for the answers they need. Knowledge of what’s really going on online is invaluable in this day and age, and it can literally save lives. Ruth’s passion is to deliver that knowledge to you.