Hi, my name is Ruth Dearing, and I help parents guide their 5-12 year old children safely through their digital world.I genuinely enjoy sharing my experiences and specialised knowledge in a constructive way, in order to give parents peace of mind that their children are safe when they’re online – instead of being fearful of what their children may be seeing or doing.

A while ago my family and I struggled through a difficult period with internet addiction. It was this painful experience that taught me a LOT about how to handle this very real problem (as well as how NOT to handle it!), and in hindsight it was the best thing that could have happened. I’m now determined to stop others suffering through the same painful situation – or at least minimise the pain – as now I know and love to share how it can be avoided.

After heading down several very different career paths during my 20’s and 30’s in retail and corporate environments, as well as in a couple of my own small businesses, I believe they have all led me to my current role. The final step from digital marketing to digital parenting seemed like a very natural progression to what was always meant to be. I feel very blessed to have found my purpose in life, and to be able to help so many people in such a meaningful way.

I devote much of my time to helping parents keep their children safe. I do this because as a mum with two children I understand just how important your children’s safety is. My beautiful children are the source of my biggest joy and inspiration in life. You can watch the video above to find out why I’m so passionate about what I do.

One thing I love to do is share my knowledge with others. I used to train franchisees how to operate a business, and always found great satisfaction when those who took on that knowledge combined it with a great attitude, and went on to prosper in their own business.

From that experience I soon realised that you can train 10 people in exactly the same way, yet some of them will prosper and others will fail. Ultimately it comes down to who has the best attitude, who believes in themselves, who is willing to implement what they’ve learned, and who takes the most action. I have great respect for these qualities and as such take pride in having them myself.

I’ve often been told my voice is “easy to listen to” – maybe one day I’ll end up on the radio!  I’ve also been told I have great eyebrows…and no, I don’t pluck them!!  Not sure how the eyebrow thing helps, but as far as the voice thing goes I’m happy to settle with online and offline videos and training, to share what I know in the most effective way I know how.

Some parents who learn about my ‘Peaceful Digital Parenting Solution’ balk at the time requirement, and others at the cost. I ask those parents one question: “How much is the safety of your children worth to you?” I honestly can’t imagine a more worthwhile investment in either time or money.

The fact is that keeping children safe online is a complex problem, and there’s a lot that parents need to learn if they really want to succeed in overcoming the safety risks. That takes time. In saying that, the time required to take on the Peaceful Digital Parenting Solution is a fraction of the time it would otherwise take to gain the information contained – trust me on this one!!

As far as the money thing goes, personally I’d rather pay a reasonable amount of money to learn highly valuable information in the shortest possible space of time that will prevent my children getting into real danger online (with their accounts being hacked, being cyber-bullied, being groomed by some creep online etc), than to pay for the after-effects – which often sadly include drugs, alcohol and counselling as far as money goes, and of course a much higher and worse emotional cost on top.

As well as delivering my training program I also love writing, and have written a book, ‘Think Your Children Are Safe Online? Think Again’ that I’m very proud of. I also enjoy writing blog posts on here and my other sites such as www.childrenandtechnology.com

When I’m not working, I love spending as much quality time as possible with my children and family. I also love training in karate, and have just recently attained my first dan on my black belt. Becoming a black belt in martial arts has taught me that anything is possible if you want the outcome badly enough. What you get out of life is in line with what you put into life, and I love putting my all into everything I do.

My personal motto: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!