Peaceful Digital Parenting is a community where parents like you hang out. Think of it as the hotel lounge at a high-level club where you can hang out with like-minded parents and offer each other support. The breakthroughs happen when everyone lets their hair down and gets real. That’s the energy inside Peaceful Digital Parenting, along with a lot of deep insights and strategic planning on how to make the online world much safer for your kids.

Hi, my name is Ruth. I’m a #1 best-selling international author, public speaker and more importantly a proud and busy mum who is passionate about helping parents guide their children safely through their digital world. Based on my experiences and achievements, and subsequent in-depth studies on this topic, I’ve developed a simple, proven system that I know will help thousands of other parents to not only cope with the pitfalls of technology but to emerge with much stronger personal connections with their children. I can give you the knowledge and confidence you need to deal with difficult situations as they arise. My system has worked for me and other parents like a dream, and I know it will work for you too.



Get access to and be part of our closed Facebook Group. This is a community of like-minded parents who are experiencing the same challenges as you. Post as many questions as you like, offer advice to help and support others, and connect with others by sharing your experiences and challenges in a constructive and supportive environment.


Access valuable information each month through a recorded Q&A video that you can watch at your leisure. Submit your questions and we’ll research and deliver the answers you need. This is a unique opportunity for you to receive insights, tips and ideas you’ll be able to implement immediately with your children. The professional feedback and advice offered to others just may help you too 🙂



Access our monthly newsletter full of info such as reviews of the latest apps, sites and games online, current trends, and tips and strategies to deal with the various pitfalls of technology. Read stories from other parents of what they’re doing with their children – what’s working and what’s not. Be featured as you share your stories to help other parents!

Why Do I Really Need This?

My Kids Are Responsible Online

Every child is different and some may be more mature than others at an earlier age. But all kids make mistakes. The problem with making mistakes online is that they don’t disappear and can impact your children for years to come. You children may be more tech-savvy than you, but they need your guidance and support to help them through the difficulties they will inevitably face online. The “It Won’t Happen To Me” mentality has placed thousands of smart children in danger. You need to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to help them through the pitfalls of technology.

Why Can’t I Get This For Free?

Great question. If you look around at free forums and public Facebook pages for parents, more often than not you’ll find plenty of criticism flowing freely between parents with different views. The fact is that as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you want ongoing professional advice and support at your fingertips then it does come at a somewhat nominal cost. Researching the knowledge you need takes a significant amount of time, and unfortunately time is money. The real question for you is, how much is the ongoing safety of your children worth?

I Don’t Have Time For This

Perfect: this membership is specifically designed for you. It’s a real struggle for most parents to find enough time in every day to do all the things we need to do. That’s why this Peaceful Digital Parenting Membership exists. Unless you dedicate a big chunk of your time to keeping up with technology it’s near impossible to keep up with the latest as far as the digital world goes – that is, if you do it on your own. This resource will save you LOTS of time by giving you the information that can potentially save lives in less than an hour a month. Not a lot of time to invest when you consider what’s in it for you and your children.


So What Are You Waiting For

Your children are growing up fast, and their use of technology will only increase over time. With the amount of inappropriate content online, social media and instant messaging platforms your children will want to use, as well as so many children being addicted to technology, the time to get some help in this area is well and truly here!


Don’t make the classic mistake of waiting until your children get in trouble before seeking the information and support you need to keep them safe and balanced online: prevention is way better than a cure. Most parents are unaware of what their children are really doing online, and this places children in real danger. Join the Peaceful Digital Parenting Membership now and enjoy your lifetime access at less than $5/week.